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Renzo Puccetti - Speech at the first March for Life at Desenzano, May 28th 2011
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The text of the speech
I have been asked to make a few remarks on possible projects for the People of Life. I will try to do this by omitting theoretical issues, but taking into consideration what I have learnt from my experience in the field during my service in this battle.

I believe that the first thing is to recognise that we are at war. War has been declared on the human being. It is a cowardly war, a ruthless war led against the weakest: the human being inside the motherís womb, and those who are fragile, suffering and frightened: the ill human being. It is that deadly mentality which we hoped was buried underneath the smouldering rubble of the Second World War, but it has shown that it is able to regenerate itself assuming the features of a new, relativist totalitarianism, a totalitarianism which is able to promote what humanity had poignantly called terrorism. Why is it important to understand that we are at war? Because understanding this brings with it a few consequences which I shall briefly explain to you.
We have all been called upon to fight in this war. Nobody should delude themselves thinking that they are free: obviously abortion does not directly affect we who have already been born, but it can strike us at home, it can enter into our families and scar us for the rest of our lives. And sooner or later each one of us will have the same human nature and weíll remember that we are just creatures; we will be reminded of this through illness, the dependency on others, and the loss of self-determination which seems to have become the only thing that makes life worth living. Whether you like it or not, vulnerability will come knocking on each one of our doors. How society treats us at that moment also depends on the commitment and ardour which we fight with now.
The second good reason to understand that this is about war is that this will help us to do whatís necessary to fight without leaving any fronts abandoned: the philosophical front, the one that is more immediately affected by helping people in need, the scientific one, the judicial front, the latter field also includes the courtrooms. We need to recognise that this strategic position across various sectors is controlled by the enemy and I am under the impression that a sort of resignation or fear has taken over. We often limit ourselves just to defending.
I am not saying that it isnít wise to know how to hold back or play a waiting game when you foresee that an attack would not have any chance of victory, but I am talking about something different, I am talking about giving up on whichever strategy is used to call into the question the supremacy of the enemies of life in the civil and penal justice courtrooms. Why isnít there any news of legal action against the doctors who break the law which the very same abortionists promised and which they say that at every turn they wanted to defend? It is not a matter of meagre numbers here: a survey conducted over a sample of a little fewer than one thousand women showed that half of those who had had an abortion had not received any support. Some time ago I remember reading about a clinic which issued the documentation for an emergency procedure abortion to a woman who had the not exactly minor characteristic of not being pregnant. Just try to imagine how much care she had and how much denial there was in all the reasons for avoiding abortion, as stated by the Italian abortion law. Now we ask ourselves what became of this case? What was the courtís ruling? And if itís true that there are many cases like this, why has a legal structural system not been organised to punish such behaviour and to give free legal help to women, thereby also helping their children? When will the brave doctors or pharmacists, who by their conscious refuse to perform requests of killing an embryo, be defended by such a legal office?
In a war the choice of the battle field is one of the key points. In the war for life it is fundamental to fight for a legislative field which is the most favourable toward the cause of life. You do this by defending the good laws which are in force and by attacking the bad laws which exist. It has been said that the laws which we make today will shape the morality of people tomorrow and thereís much truth in that: it is easy to think that a law is a good thing just because it is one. But history has clearly shown us that the greatest infamies and the most terrible abominations have been performed in accordance with the Law. So in the battle for life one thing must remain crystal clear for everyone: a law which allows the killing of an innocent is an unjust law and thatís it, it is never a good law, it is never the best of its kind. And itís not me saying this, itís not me saying this who is just a nobody, it is the Church which says this, the mother and teacher. It says this today through the teachings of Benedict XVI, who tirelessly points out that life is one of the non-negotiable principles, and it said this yesterday through the voice of this Pope who we wanted to be called Saint and who a few weeks ago was proclaimed as blessed, the Pope who is quite rightly called the Pope of life, for his unrelenting and unshakeable commitment in the promotion and defence of human life. So a pro-life movement must fight like a lion for just legislation, it must not pre-emptively alter itself nor must it censor itself because to this end a compromise is reached. Certainly itís true that we live in a largely unchristian society which is addicted to a hedonistic and utilitarian mentality; we all know it, nobody here lives on Mars, but for this very reason whoever has responsibility must not suffocate the voices of those in society who promote the culture of truth about human life in full; such behaviour also seems a strategic failure to me: I have never seen good agreements come from those who sit around the conference table in timid and lifeless compliance.
We are at war and the enemy is using misinformation. They are supplying falsified data and upon this they begin to build their house of lies; for this reason they have to control all resources. I know this from direct experience, it is exhausting work, but we have prestigious scientific institutions, academic excellence and perhaps it is time for someone to tactfully grasp them and lead them so that they begin to do what they can and know how to do. There is much talk about post-abortion syndrome. Much research is arriving from over-seas which argues that post-abortion syndrome does not exist; they claim that the women who are psychologically ill after having had an abortion would have been ill regardless, because their illness was not down to their abortion, but to the situation of their lives before the abortion. This research is often financed by abortionist organisations, published in scientific journals from the abortionist front, written by authors who are pro-abortion, sometimes soldiers in abortionist associations.
Nevertheless, we know many psychologists and psychiatrists who can vouch for the spiritual pain and the psychological illnesses of many women who have been directly affected by voluntary abortion. So many of these women have been comforted and helped at various levels by people linked to the pro-life world. We know that post-abortion syndrome exists, it is right there in front of our eyes in the flesh. Why has a study never been financed and supported to certify these dynamics, why has nothing tangible been done to free it from a scientific production whose stance is predominantly positioned with an obstinate and preconceived opposition to an embryoís right to life? Why, for example, has a study not been conducted which shows the reality which we all know too well: conversely to what is recorded in the documentation for abortion issued by doctors, women who say no to abortion do not run any serious damage to their physical health. None of them are crazy, none of them have done any harm to themselves, and none of them have committed suicide. Following such a study, how could anyone deny the financing of life assistance centres? I imagine that it would be quite embarrassing for the administrators in my area, where they provide homeopathic visits with public funding, to continue to keep pro-life volunteers away from the clinics and hospitals where they perform abortions.
We are at war and the enemy is not a mirage, it does not come from outer space, it is, knowingly or not, men and women who hand themselves over to evil. Malignancy thinks with a human brain, it spreads through the words of men and women, it converts people through their actions. If we are fighters, if we are in the trenches, we have a natural right to demand that none of our generals let the enemy into our camp: good shepherds give their lives for their flocks; they do not let the wolves in the pen, even when they are dressed in sheepís clothing. We have not been told to be naive, but rather gentle as doves and wise as serpents.
If we are to be the pro-life army then we will have to remember that people have specialisations. Not everybody has to do everything, but everybody can do something and strive to do it well. Let those speak who have the skills. You canít judge a book by its cover, a kind heart does not automatically give you the ability to resist the arguments of a powerful scientist or of an astute person who understands the techniques of communication. You fight when you are ready, after having been trained, you have to aware of your own means, of the speakers who we will have to encounter, of the arguments which will be dealt with, of the situation which the confrontation will occur in; you have to learn how to resist your own vanity, sometimes it is tickled by the limelight of the television cameras. All this costs effort, I know too well, but when we are tempted by tiredness, by losing heart because what we are doing does not seem to produce the expected results, in these moments we have to remember that the battle has already been won for us by Somebody else, by Somebody who took upon himself all the sins of the world to give us the opportunity of eternal life; we have to remember that we will not be judged on the immediate success of what we are doing, but on our willingness to follow Him. Obviously, with our faith we know that the battle is already won, but this is certainly not a reason which could justify our disinterest or our desertion. There is a passage in a novel by De Whol which has helped me to better understand this aspect. In the novel the father Juan de Calahorra replies to the young Don Juan of Austria, the commander of the Lepanto Christian fleet, who believed in the Churchís great social structures of the time: ďWe know that the gates of hell will not prevail. But each one of us must live as if Christís promise depended upon him and upon him aloneĒ.
A war has very little chance for success if it is not adequately financed, if not there will only be minimal resources for fighting it. Itís good to keep in mind that the enemy has incredible resources ensured by the same structures of the State, financed by general taxation and by the rich and powerful. A few years ago a single fundraising dinner, which was attended by the American Vice-President Al Gore, raised 300,000 dollars for the local section of Planned Parenthood, the powerful abortionist organisation; this is probably more than the majority of what pro-life will receive during an entire century. This is only one more reason to use our intelligence to raise extra funds and to use them carefully, to dare to ask or trouble, to make people understand that voluntary work is a brilliant thing, giving freely is a sign of the heart which you put into things, but it must provide nourishment to a permanent framework, formed by people who peacefully are able to dedicate themselves full-time to defending life in pro-life structures, who are able to work by setting themselves objectives, who devise plans to reach them and understand the results.
Here today we have marched. Henceforth, I believe we have to begin the task of building a network between all the many, good, generous associations which defend life. Today is the day of Saint Germain, if we stay faithful to our good intentions, if we are brave in the good battle, if we have a humble heart, are careful in our choices, ready to make personal sacrifices, if we are really united so that the many who are not here today will regret that they didnít march with us, because today, the day of Saint Germain we have made our loud and bold cries heard to the enemies of life: ďyou will never win! You will never keep us silent, up until the last, up until we have a breath of life left!Ē
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